Monday, July 5, 2010

Be careful, while being online!

In this new age of Social Networking, most people have a very robust online social life, while their offline lives are gloomy. People just accept friend requests, email invitations, online community invites etc..., without having a clue of what and whom they are dealing with. This is how many people have been molested, defrauded, and even killed by people they meet on the internet.

Do you keep your sensitive personal information, private?
Do you have a clue about the privacy policies and settings?
Do you approach email links/invites, regardless of what they are?

Careless usage, could lead to outbreaks that can damage computer systems and might even steal sensitive information from your home/company.

Last week, I overheard one of my colleagues at office bragging about having 2000 friends on FaceBook. What? He hardly talks to anyone in the office and believe me NO ONE LIKES HIM AT ALL!

How many of us are careful while we are online? How many of us are careful with the friends we choose, or rather should I say, with what we share with unknown friends?

People ought to be careful while updating their whereabouts on their social networking sites, especially when they hardly know most of the friends that they have on these social networks. The danger is publicly telling others (who you don’t know) where you are.

Be cautious when you receive links in messages from your friends (especially when you don’t know who the friend is) on your social networking sites.

Be particularly cautious when you accept a person as a friend on a social network. Thieves and spammers with fake identity would lure you into traps and snatch away vital information. This is also called social engineering.

Following are certain tips that people ought to follow while dealing with Social Networks:

Carelessly posting jokes, insults, or even pictures on social networks, could cost you your JOB.

View the video below to know the truth about employers and how they secretly track your social network behaviorism:

So be careful and stay safe.....

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