Sunday, June 14, 2009

TouchWeb works on PAPERNOW - The Next Generation E-Paper Portal

Papernow is a next generation e-paper portal, offering newspapers, magazines, documents, blogs and books as dynamic online content and downloadable e-papers. Suppliers of professional media content can submit and import content through a supplier-platform of papernow, which supports a number of formats of commonly used publishing software. Additionally content can be edited and enhanced with photos, audio and video directly on the papernow supplier-platform.

For users, papernow has the advantage that a broad range of publications can be accessed through an easy-to-use, fast and effective web portal. Papernow also allows organizing and managing content easily and in particular to subscribe for publications. Because papernow is fully Web 2.0 enabled portal users can rate, comment and discuss content and even generate and share their own content with other users.

In January 2010, papernow is going to be available in USA, Germany and the UK. In February 2010, papernowis going to available in Switzerland and perhaps in France.

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TouchWeb found and to be located in Bangalore

TouchWeb Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd has been registered at the Commercial Register of the State of Karnataka as a subsidiary of TouchWeb AG Switzerland. Abraham Daniel has been appointed managing director of Touch Web’s Indian subsidiary by the board of directors of the TouchWeb AG. TouchWeb Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. India has based its office in Banaswadi, a prime company location in Bangalore the major IT-hub of India.